September 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Color my page,
Not just black and white,
Turn me beautiful,
Into a glorious sight,
Dancing with flame,
The blue ocean too,
The green great grass,
And the gray winds to sooth you,
I can make what I want,
Because I have a page,
A colorless one,
That I can put out of its cage,
Only crayons or markers,
Colored pencils too,
Pastels and paints,
With color and beauty,
Can make lovely things,
As well to anyone,
Maybe even you,
Create a creature,
Or humans or life,
Just create a color,
So that anyone can see the sight,
Abstract or not,
It is you and your mind,
You can look and see,
How much the colors,
Will dance to your plea,
Our colors and art,
Are everywhere but,
Not in the place,
Where life is at stake,
Put life over there,
To make a start,
Put color in their art,
So that we can never part,
These vivid colors,
Ideas that burst,
Anywhere just look,
It’ll be here and there,
For many days,
The sun and moon,
Will rise and fade,
Just like colors,
They go so slowly,
But always come back,
When we paint them again,
Are colors are true,
So great and right,
Let us speak of these things,
From here on end,
And take it to heights.

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