Cold Conflict

September 11, 2008
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I don’t know what I felt for you
I don’t know why I cared
But the damage you have done to me
Is not easily repaired

You can spin your lies
And watch me, until your eyelids bleed
But never will you see me cry
You’re nothing but a weed

I don’t care if they say you’re nice
I don’t care if you are
Your words are nothing but a trick
Although they take you far

You’re the black stain in my memory
But I will get you out
You’re the first thing always on my mind that I don’t care about

“Get over it,” I’m thinking
As I see you watch your back
My troubled head is reeling
From your paranoid attack

It’s not my fault your ego
Is inflated twice the norm
It’s no longer my vendetta
You just keep the conflict warm

So take these lyrics as you will
I don’t care what you do
I live my life on my own terms
I don’t live life for you

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