When we were us

September 11, 2008
We would laugh
We would smile
We would see the future in each other's eyes
But that was when we were us

We would Go out
enjoy each others company
And be utterly depressed at the fact we both had to return to our homes
But that was when we were us

Now things have changed
And have gotten suddenly horrbile
within the blink of an eye
You turned into the guy
I ran away from
That is what we are now

Your words peirce my ears
Like a dagger to a heart
Your campassion for me has faded
and I have no clue how it began to start
and that is what we are now

I don't like this change
And my feelings for yu have change
I feel like your love is fake
And all I can do it repeat the words in my mind
"He stil loves me"
Yet you put everything else above me
And that is what we are now

What we are now is something
I refuse to name
When people metion you
I drop my head in shame
We are not what we used to be
We are what I refused to be
And now it seems as if there is no you and me

Yet I refuse to fuss
No matter how much I miss when we were US

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