My Imagination

September 10, 2008
When he looks at me
With those deep, dark eyes
I just want to cry
But I always stay strong
For both him and I
That smile of his
Makes me feel like
Someone just drove a spear
Right through my heart
His fingers touching mine
Make my heart race
As if I'm a race horse
Nearing the finish line
The words he speaks to me
Are kinder than anyone else's
Just the way he looks at me
Gives me goosebumps
All up my arms and legs
When he leans in to tell me a secret
I fanticize he's going for my lips
And not my ear
Whenever he's around
I feel like a little kid
Who just got a piece of candy
Or even a brand new toy
My imagination runs wild
Like a herd of wild horses
Running free
When we're alone together
I imagine he's mine
And I'm his forever
Him and I go off and get married
And live a carefree life together
Well, atleast in my imagination.

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