Spinning All Around

September 10, 2008
By brandin alvarez, Union City CA, CA

spinning all around my head like one thousand bumble bee's instead,
loving all your honesty and loving what you give to me,
hate because you cannot see the love I give to you,
you see,
the sadness I have when your not in my arms because to me your my good luck charm,
the passion we get from touching eachother,
your softest caress can't compare to any other,
the frustation we get when we don't get along,
the laughter we get when we see the haterz fall,
ego we got when we walk around the mall,
mr. and mrs. big sh** standin up hella tall,
the way you wake up and just look at my face,
and beautiful smile when you feel out of place,

its seems like everyone is out to get us,
and without a thought we turned to eachother,
embraced one another,
then the crowd fell silent,
and with reluctance and desparation we learned to love with trust and honestly,
and modestly we said that possibly this could last,
because in the distant past when we were moving on the wrong path,
we lost sight of love,
no longer do we run,
(part III comin soon)

The author's comments:
well this was written because I saw real love in many of the students at my school and most adult would call puppy love.these are real feelings that teens feel and I hope you feel what I feel.and if you want to here any other poems or would like to here part three check my myspace out

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