A friend is all i can be

September 10, 2008
when you say you love me through this night and day .
what exactly am i suppose to say
Your my friend nothing more.
But i can feel your pain.
Because you know the answer anyway
you know its coming.
You feel the pain lurking.
In a way i knew this was coming.
But i denied it for a reason.
Who said i ever wanted to live in reality.
I look past you and find the voice that i keep hidden away.
You know i love you
But in a diffrent way.
I cant look at your face.
Because you face shows disgrace.
i hear you whisper silently.
A friend is all we will ever be.
I find your words true.
so i look down at the ground i know you can bearly hear me make a sound.
But i utter the words you hate to hear me say.
A friend is all i can

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MaximumRideGirl'12 said...
Apr. 16, 2009 at 2:53 am
haha, yeah you know me if you check comments! i remembered that you said you had some stuff on here! this is good. i can relate! i loves you!!!!!
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