Mantras of the Virulent Storm

September 10, 2008
By Jason Rafferty, Norfolk, MA

On a maniacal, cryptic summer night
Rain and thunder engulfed the blackened streets
Darkness poured over the way like lurid hot ink.

The sky burst and exploded
Searing unfurled mad energy plasters the sky
The awesome storm sets intrepid men at bay.

Like a furious oceanic monsoon
The water tampered and gushed, seething
Down into vast unrequited pools.

Doors slam closed
Lamps darken serenely
The vague rhythmic pattering is disturbed transiently.
Mountainous death-claps pander ardently over the land
boulders and great oaks shatter seamlessly
overtaken by celestial undulations
nature’s hostile, indelible promise.

The vast, woeful expanse
Morose and dark, pale and lugubrious
Meets in a moment of hot bliss
With the blackened sanguine sky
The land submerges into sick stillness,
Shattered instantly now by deathly violet howls.

The darkness conceals and
Nourishes vinous sorrow,
Beckoning pure and deathly
It languishes over the land.

Sickening unfurled flashes of hot death
Sear voraciously through red, grievous skies.
The storm starches the virile land
Like a mad unrelenting flame.

Timeless and incessant,
The lawless rain washes over all,
Supplanting the doleful mires of the past.

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