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my fear

Every day I’m afraid of what will happen
Will this torture end… I doubt it
Why can’t you leave me alone to die
When will you leave me in solitude
My head says to die but my heart to live
What do I do it’s so confusing
I can die and end it all
Or I can live and escape but have the memories of what has happened
I can’t decide because either way is torture
When I die I shall never forget you
Can you kill me… I think not
But you have and I’m dying
I hope just hope that you will live long
When you kill me what will you do
When I die who will you torture next
Who is your next victim
Just as I escape you capture me once more and put me back on the chair
It is you who has tortured me
With that last stroke of your knife you have assured my fate
And as I draw my last breath
I just can’t stop thinking about you

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