September 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Wake me when it comes up
So I can be touched by its warmth
I want to feel the heat penetrate my mind so that it is scorching with ideas
Let me become the roots in the ground
Let me need its baking love
So I can spread all over the world and grow
Allowing the air to flow
Become the star I wish on every night
While closing the door of a tremendous fight
Waiting for another to open
Wake me when it burns my hands
When my feet melt into the ground
And become one with the concrete
Here… I take a stand
Becoming the owner of many helping hands
It is here I take a stand
Wake me when I'm set on fire
That no one can put me out
Stop me from spreading the heat
And with the voice of a beating drum they will run to me
Feel my flames
As I tame the lions of the streets
Scaring away the lizards with my feet
Banging my hands on the door
Wake me when it opens
So I can lead the way and stop the thieves from going astray
Ready to steal a life
Adding to the unwanted strife
Wake me when it starts to go away
I want to be up so I can wipe the tears
Sashaying …
I'll switch the lights on as the addicted blink crazily from pain
The light will shine and dim
But I will wake them even if it's near the end of the day
Put me to sleep when it sets in its horizon
So that I may take my feet away from the cement
And here I lay my head
Sideways and my feet bent…
Wake me when it comes up again

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