A Boy and Girl

September 9, 2008
You weren’t like most.
Always wanting to run and hide,
Afraid to show your true self.
Everyone thought you were someone your not,
But I knew who you were.
You were the person that though you want to hide
You also wanted to be seen.
Wanting people to understand,
Even though you didn’t give people the chance.
You were just screaming for it,
Even you might not have known it yourself.
People looked at you and never looked back.
They didn’t have a reason to.
You looked cold and full of hate.
How would they have known you wanted was a friend?
Someone to explain everything to,
Someone unlike the rest,
A person you could trust and talk to.
I was that person.
The person you spent countless hours with.
A girl you never thought you would ever talk to.
Yet you ended up talking with me for hours.
We were closer then anyone you’ve ever known.
You could read me like a book.
I was the one struggling to understand.
But then I finally figured it out.
You didn’t want to get hurt again.
That’s why you had trouble letting me in.
You were fearful of me,
But of what I could do.
Yet well trying to protect yourself
You were slowly ripping me apart.
Piece by piece I fell and you never even noticed.
Blind to what you were doing.
I was dying to know what was happening,
Not realizing all I needed was you.
You were the one that helped me when I was down
But you never let me help you up.
Now that you’re gone I’m down.
Not for the same reason but because of you.

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