Hunter Hayes

April 18, 2013
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I stand in line to see you
And I know you want to see me too
I’m a fan of yours, but so are the others
The room is small; the tables are filled with clutter
You’re behind a coffee shop screen
And even though the room is gray it has a certain special gleam
Now I’m closer to you in the line
And I am starting to slowly lose my mind
Every girl screams or cries
But compared to me, it’s all lies
Outside my appearance is calm
Damn, I wish I had brought my lip balm!
Oh my God, I hear your voice
Calling out to me, as if I have a choice!
I can’t believe I get to meet someone like you
But this is it, it’s true
You’re blonde hair makes me go crazy
It’s a little lighter than a daisy
The song Storm Warning is what I want to sing
Oh no! The words left my brain with a little ting
I wipe my sweaty palm on my jeans
In vain hope that they will stay clean
You shake my small hand and I shake yours
I watch my friend go out the door
You smile at me, so bright and sweet, and say to me:
“Nice to meet you! I’m Hunter Hayes!”

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loverofhunterhayes said...
Dec. 8, 2013 at 9:27 am
your so luck . you got 2 meet him .my room is filled with pics of him and i would die to meat him. congrats.
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