we wear the mask

September 9, 2008
By break_thru BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
break_thru BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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i have a mask, you have a mask.
we all have masks that we wear to tear.
we smile and claim happiness in others faces, but die inside in secret places.
we feel alone in crowded places and try to hide our tear cover faces. we wear the mask.

you, you are the only one over wise on the count of your tears; the only one who entertains your fears.
you cry. be the one who dies inside.
you want to let others in on the pain you feel,but you can't;all because of the truth hiding mask.

our hearts are tortured,souls ablaze. we sing, but the lyrics are all lies and deep desperate cries that we yell from the highest of mountains.the ground crumbles beneath our feet, ready to swallow us into the infinite darkness. but we can't let others know of the disturbing private show.
that's the curse of wearing the mask.

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