Lone Wolf

September 8, 2008

The bitter winter
Comes again
Freezing the soles of my feet
Impeding the destiny I may not attend

The cold seeps into the scars
Of this battle worn face
Conserving the living memory
I've tried so hard to erase

Words are unable to explain
Segregation to the plainest degree
Five words you can say
Once you've had a look at me

A vast ocean of solitude
I have maintained so well
Speaking only to the reminiscent trees
As I have so often been compelled

Snowy sheets of white
Inviting me to sleep
A slumber of forever
A dream of eternity

A voice calls from the other side
Coaxing me to stay
Promising a hazy paradise
That would take my breath away

So the sleek white fur
Of the wolven shaped head
Came in contact with the snow below
As the tragedy a poet read:

Hauntingly a shadowy figure
The mountain top ascends
For it died without a reason
And so the Lone Wolf howls again...

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