Life is No Fairytale

September 9, 2008
Life is no fairytale.
The truth of the matter is that
There’s no Tinkerbell with her trailing light,
No Neverland second star to the right.
That even the most honest people sometimes cheat;
Even when you try your hardest,
It’s a chance of defeat.
There’s not always sunshine behind the thunder.
Still people dying of thirst and hunger,
And tears can’t resurrect lost ones from permanent slumber.
Your best friend can betray you,
Those who claim they love you
Can have a secret hate for you.
That love at first sight is slim to none,
In the long run,
We won’t all succeed.
Fulfill that “I wannabe—
When I grow up” that we’d say in first grade.
The most precious memories eventually fade—
In the distance.
That overachievers aren’t always consistent.
There’s a thin line between naive and optimistic.
The reality that cancer is no longer rare,
It’s almost common,
And everything held with glue
Isn’t permanently bonded.
Realizing that the imaginary friend you had at age two,
Was never talking back to you.
And monsters really do exist
In the form of things like
Tears, depression, and heartbreak.
Most stories we hear are fake.
That AIDS is the consequence,
Of ignorance
And “I didn’t know.”
Forever diagnosed with that As I Die Slow—ly,
Trust is just a cover up,
And everything we know is corrupt.
Everything can’t be achieved
With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.
When our world is built
On a foundation of war, pain, and lust.
That superheroes aren’t the ones on the movies,
With their impossible duties,
Special gadgets,
And habits—of
Always getting the bad guy.
Barely getting by—
With escape.
There the ones you see everyday.
That teacher who always believed you could,
The ones who provide you with food—
Both mental and physical.
Maybe we shouldn’t take things so literal.
It’s about reading between the lines,
Finding another definition behind
The obvious one.
As you can see,
The wool is pulled over our eyes,
The truth is disguised,
Causing us to see the light
Without the shadows.
The wide without the narrow.
If we knew the truth,
Maybe our eyes would open
And the impossible might be achievable,
The supernatural may be believable,
The concept of peace could be reachable.
But we all walk around ignorant to fact,
Not knowing the knowledge we lack.
But the question is—
Is the world ready
For that kind of spark?
Not sure,
So maybe its best that we stay in the dark.

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