Is Good Really...Good Enough?

Listening to music is for sure what I do best?
I know what I like, I know what I dont like.
I think everyone pretty much does.

These days finding "good music" isnt really that hard to come by.
We all think most music is "good"

But what if good isnt good enough?

I know, the question is a little weak, but if you think about it for a while, it makes sense.

Everyone has those songs that we dont hear for 5 years but when it comes on the radio you still know every word.
You say to yourself, "I remember that song, it's a good song"

But the person next to you may think it's the most awful sound they've ever heard.

So still think you're music is "good enough" for everyone?

You're wrong.

Some people might absolutly love it, others will wish they never heard it.

Music is a wonderfil thing, but is it good enough for everyone to love?

Record labels are always looking for the next big thing, yes?

Say your band is good.

But are they "good enough"?

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