I think too much

April 20, 2013
I think alot. Probably too much. And I like to look around, and see things. And see through things. Like taking walks, you see a tree. Take a moment and stop and really THINK about this thing, this LIVING thing. How old is it? What did it look like when it was smaller? When did it first sprout? What was its parent tree like? From out of how many other seeds, or shoots, or whatever, did this one survive? Did it grow naturally? Was it cultivated? How many generations has it been since its ancestor trees were something else entirely from what they are now? I can get lost for hours in thoughts like this, and go round and round chasing theories and random thoughts, but...I'll never know. None of us will ever know these things, and maybe you don't care, but I care. I want to know, I want to witness all these amazing things and look around and keep wondering at how astounding it all is. And thinking, thinking of the entirety of EVERYTHING in existence, and what it once was, and what it might become, and what was there before, and may come after...it's confusing and breathtaking and bewildering and utterly wondrous. And I think too much.

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