The Heart Broken Girl

September 8, 2008
Once their was a heart broken girl.
In a dress she would not twist nor twirl.
She would simply stand or sit.
It seemed her life was drowning in a black pit.
She felt utterly unloved.
She felt simply shoved.
Noone knew.
The hurt she was going through.
Of course the would see her cry.
Some would ask why.
She never would respond.
Her heart was a bendin' it's bond.
Until her heart finaly broke.
Theese words she did spoke...
"I've some news today.
I will do it in an action in my own way.
I will go.
not another day will I show."
She pointed a gun at her head.
and the heart broken girl bled.
So sad my friend.
That is the heart broken girls end.

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FallingThisDay said...
Sept. 12, 2008 at 4:44 am
I liked the overall idea of the poem, but I think your rythem and syllible count could improve. Keep Writing!!
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