September 7, 2008
By Sonja Morris, Phoenix, AZ

She comes to you with blood stained tears;
Showing you all her sadistic fears.
Nobody seeing her hidden pain,
All her enemies slain.

You're the antidote to her afterlife,
Holding her hand; but behind your back- a knife.
Shielding her eyes from your true form;
Covering her ears from the storm.

Every scar on her wrists is a death mark;
The blood runs down as she craves for the dark.
She's learning your hatred for her worn out heart;
Wishing it was new and not savagely ripped apart.

She reaches out to you with broken fingernails,
Sobbing at your feet;her tears leaving trails.
You destroyed her at her weakest,
Her body frail-her spirit meek.

Nothing stopping you from the final touch,
You scream dirt streaked words and such;
Kicking and punching the last life out of her- each hit stinging.
Leaving her for what you are; nothing.

One last look at what you've done;
What you've become.
Strangling an innocent angel,
Her body mangled.

Even in the last moments of life before her call;
She's still breathtakingly beautiful during her last fall.
Remembering everything that she left behind for you,
And realizing her love was genuinely true.

Frozen in place as she struggles her last breath,
Reaching out to her from it's place- death.
Her body in it's resting place- the sin that can't be erased;
Killing beauty was your biggest mistake.

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