Love's Truth

September 7, 2008
By Azeba Bajwa, Milpitas, CA

No heart learns to beat
No person learns to love
Every beat that is felt,
Every heart that has ever throbbed,
Has felt the love
It is the heart that brings out desires
After all you can hide your thoughts
You can store you fears
You can pretend to not be
Yet your beat will always give you away

Never has the pain ceased
Never will the pain be stolen
Yet if you love the pain slows
The hot blood calms and cools
Your mind is overpowered by the heart
All emotions are lost

Love can’t be described
Its tales, never told

Our minds change
Our thoughts develop
Yet our love remains the same
It is always new
Always with the same passion
It has had only one desire
To love, and be loved

In each evil where the hot blood boils and flows
There is love always love
It may be hidden
It may be shown
Yet it is always there
Love is what binds this world together
It traps us in a rope with knots we can not untie
Love is happiness, is pain, is hope
The happiness never replaced
The pain never endured
And hope, hope never to come
Love is like a snake
The most deadly, beautiful, venomousness snake
Once it decides to strike, none can even imagine dodging
The blood boils within, yet it remains like ice
Your veins explode giving way
The venom takes over, every nerve, every cell
The venom holds your life, and your painful death

Love, what a pure and wonderful sensation
What a deadly hidden trap
Love seems to hold this world together
What would the world be like without it?
Yet what can the world do with it?

The heart yearns for it
The mind blocks it off
Your unconsciousness welcomes it
Love, nothing can beat
Nothing can overpower, nothing can destroy
Nothing but love itself

Love is not something you can control
Love is not something you can forgive
Love can never be fully forgotten
Yet it can never be truly remembered
Love has passion, love has creation
Love has no limits, no boundaries
No rules, no obstacles
It can not be seen or heard
Only felt

Love, the word has only one true meaning
One meaning interpreted into so many ways
At the end the only true definition for love is love
Love, unpredictable, irreplaceable, undefined, love

The author's comments:
i was inspired to write this peice since love is not always a happy sunshine moment. its something else

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