Stand Proud

September 7, 2008
By Mehgan Aguayo, Amherst, OH

The fire that burns in my heart
Has to be hidden from the public of discrimination.
I stand so proud
just to be closed down
where my perseverance
can seep through
the open crack in the wall.
But i must keep fight,
and i must not give up.
Action speak louder than words
as they say.
My determination has to flow out
with my passion and wisdom
as my prayers will so be answered. Hoping that for one day
to come
were my self and all
can be happy, joyous and free
to walk where we want to walk.
Go where we want to go,
and not have the horrible
looks, cries and pleads for NO!
No that simple word
that has left me in the dust for years.
But this time
I will not let it slide by.
I will carry my sprite high
till that beautiful day
were my presents
no more will be
an obligation.

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