September 7, 2008
And i believe everybody has a purpose in life and i currently live to love

and if he was ever so far away and visits seem short

so i know at the end of the day he cannot stay and i currently see him everywhere

and breathing is not a everyday activity with out him being there

and i can understand the relationship between women and man

and that thing that seems to always break us apart, is that one thing that always hurts my heart

and she has a name of her own, poison and to hell she belongs

and her kisses kill, which leaves me ill, because he is the death of me

and the tears healing my heart he nor she can see, and although she has taken him away still to this day his spirit stays

and when it rains i feel his pain

and when it thunders i hear him swear in vain

and when its sunny and the sky is bright blue, i can see him and in some odd way i know he sees me to

and if i ever needed a hug or a friendly kiss i can always count on the wind, for he lives in it

and they always lead me to believe that dreams never come true, but i just can't believe that, because at night when the stars are bright, i dream of you

and in everyway possible its real to me, but for some what is not seen cant possibly be reality

and if only i could just hold you forever, pieces of my life would soon be pieced together

and as time reveals, my heart heals, and im no longer in this hell

and he comes back home, poison all gone

healed from her hold of misery.

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