Rethinking Pleasure

September 7, 2008
By Evan Phail, Bronx, NY

Like a mental suicide
Killing herself inside
Getting a thinner waist line
Losing her brilliant mind
As her future dims
So does her soul
And the only thing left
Is someone as shallow
As a pool fit for a baby

Like a baby
A man sits in his house
And eats and can’t stop himself
Because all he can do is whine
He doesn’t have a job cuz he’s not worth a dime
Got no edumacation
So now he waits in line
Waiting for a miracle
Waiting for the sunshine

And like that redhead Annie sings it
There is always a tomorrow
It’s just a day away
Too bad drugs are wanted today
And people are jumping off the bridge
Trying to get away
Cuz they’re wondering
How they can see the sunshine
When it’s 11 PM?
And why light bulbs are looking like green gems
Lucy in the Sky,
Here’s a question, WHY?

Not just Why, but Where and When?
Here and soon, but How?
How could this happen to a future that looked so clear?
What was that you said?
Full of drugs, sex, money, and beer
Is THIS our future?
But I still don’t understand why?
O that’s right,
I’m starting to rethink what that word means for our future…

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