What I Missed

September 7, 2008
How could I have missed
This abyss of bliss?
My soul is searchin
My mind is pissed
I’m as high as my wrists
As I raise to assist
Break my heart with death’s kiss
I hope you’re getting my gist
Cuz if you’re not, let me clear the mist…

I’m punching the walls with my fist
Hope that my love’s ghost can hear this
Cuz when I scream “Why do I exist?”
But I just can’t since she was fatally hit…

If only my words could bring back the dead
I wouldn’t have this pain in my heart or my head
But this magic I do not possess
So I must rest…
Make my thoughts digest…
Hope to see her ghost
Cuz I’m missing her the most…
I’m waiting for a call that will never be hissed
And I’m feeling dissed
Dissed and alone
Without my love’s dead body shown
So I’m asking how…
How this relationship can already be finished
When we thought our love for each other would never diminish
Now I’m left pondering
For the rest of my days
For any other ways
And my wrists still raised
I reach up to the sky and praise
Praise and hope and beg and grope
Praise to be on His list
And finally discover what I have missed

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