Like M M's

September 7, 2008
Like M M’s in a bag, all together the colors look so peaceful
But unlike M M’s, there was something that was evil
Cuz whether I’m red, yellow, orange, green, or brown
My words should instill power when I am making a sound
But color meant something negative, don’t you see
This long struggle started from the nation’s past iniquity
When the brown M M was inferior for some dreadful reason
When the yellow M M could go as he’s pleasing
The color was the difference between talking and silence
And orange one was the cause for the countless riots
The green one was dumb and the red one was deaf
All except yellow were in a terrible mess
Yellow didn’t like all the other colors
So he made a rule to upset his M M brothers
But everyone learned after more than a century
That yellow was just oppressing the M M family
It was because of one M M who stood up for the other colors
That everyone supported all of the brothers
In the end, Peace and Joy could not have come sooner
Especially from an M M who really was Martin Luther King Jr.

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hateandlove said...
Sept. 11, 2008 at 7:50 pm
this poem is so awsome i love how its all true you deserve to be published in a monthly edition check out my poem its called why
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