Fantasy vs. Reality

September 7, 2008
I had distorted my reality
While overdosing on my fantasy
So I take the meds
To repair my head
To escape the depression and the pain
To fix the deceptions in my brain
Cuz to me, it’s all the same
These tricks that keep me insane
Cuz I really hate this soma,
This depressant that has me in a coma
This stimulant that has me smelling
A superficial aroma

And I hated the feeling
Of excessive dreaming
But now I’ve changed
My whole life’s meaning
So I thank you for interfering.
You taught me the magic of love
And the witchcraft of hate
With your warm smile
And your tender eyes
Making me melt inside
You made me want to fly
And I did it with you by my side

So once we were soaring, hand in hand,
I finally knew that I could disband
From the drugs that I thought made me a man
Cuz now I got addicted to the drug of you,
The hallucinations were drenched,
But our love grew
I loved the high that we sensed,
Made it seem too good to be true

And before we knew it,
We were back on land
You let go of my hand
Left me standing in the sand
You walked away without a word
And I realized you never uttered one
When you first walked into my life

So the waves crashed against my feet
Like a lightning strike of defeat
A sting that left a lasting mark
A journey I finally had to disembark

The memories flowed through my mind
Like the salty water coming from behind,
The blend in the deep blue,
The memory of sitting across from you,
And as we gazed at each other
I would drown in the deep pools of your brown eyes
Only to be saved by the grip of your long flowing hair
Rescuing me from the tides,
And as we embraced,
I never wanted to let go
Of this memory that never took place

My mind was playing tricks on me again,
Giving me experiences that never began,
You were only part of the pretended
That never existed and had finally ended,
So I thought my mind had you lost and gone
But you appeared in real life, and proved me wrong.
And that day I could tell that you were real
By the beat in your heart that was stronger than steel
My world was turned upside down, it seems,
Because I finally found you,
The girl of my dreams

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BrokenGirl said...
Jan. 6, 2009 at 11:14 pm
This was awesome, I loved the prose style of writing. It was beautifully written.
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