A Note From The Heart

September 7, 2008
The people worried about losing time
Are the same worried about losing love
And I’m losing both…

I don’t know how I’m feeling
I thought I’d be okay
But I know how I’m feeling
Just didn’t think it would turn out this way

My confidence broken
My pride weakened
I don’t want to think about the situation
But it’s the only one sticking in my mind
Like paper and glue
The image of me and you
I try to convince myself
There will be more days
More choices to be made
Instead my voice just fades…

So I can’t speak when I’m around you
Got to remind myself to breathe when I’m around you
But I’m speaking out
I’m breathing now
Just give me the chance I never had
Cuz I know when we see each other,
Our hearts are glad
And the blood pumping through me
Never wants to stop rushing through my head

Now I can’t think, I can’t think
My words are all lost
I’m repeating myself
Cuz my heart is now the boss
I don’t care what others say
Cuz my brain’s been tossed
And I don’t care about the cost
As long as I get to the heart of the problem:
I know how I feel
But I’m running out of time
But I don’t want to run out of love
So with my confidence broken
Pride weakened
I stand before you, crazy as I am
Saying thank you…

I could go on forever
But what good would that do
I just hope you see the emotion
That I have for you
Cuz I poured my soul into this little note
And I just want you to know that I strongly believe
In every word that I wrote

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erinlem said...
Jan. 7, 2009 at 9:01 pm
wow, this was really good. a lot of love poetry is too sappy, but this got right to the point and discribed the feelings so well. great job
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