War, Poetry, Change, Unity

September 7, 2008
I’m too tired to think
I’m too tired to eat
Too tired to drink
Too tired to read
To write, to touch
To hear, to see
To win, to lose
To speak, to dream
To smell, to walk
To fight, to breathe
To swim in the rushing waters
Of the political sea
Because my line of duty
Is poetry

My words are bullets
Barreling through bones and brains
Bringing ideas of change
I’m the rider behind the reins
Pushing forth tanks through the plains
Across the battlefield of this stanza
And the trenches I see
Are the loopholes in this society
Hidden ‘til the day
You trip into it and can’t get away
Can’t get out of the political bullsh**
That the government’s b**ch laid

My rhymes are like nuclear bombs
You stay back and just watch in awe,
The radiation is passing through your body,
Your thoughts are jumping while your skin’s rotting
Cuz the burn you feel
Is the one I feel too
It’s the people who preach
But don’t have a clue what to do

So I don’t want a welcome home ceremony
Or a purple heart
Just want others to see
Why the world is falling apart,
Cuz I’m too tired to do things alone
I need others to open up their welcoming homes,
To be hospitable to these prisoners of war,
To break down their ignorance doors
So I need your support,
Another helper hired
Cuz I can’t do it alone
I’m just too tired.
I’m recruiting an army
Where you can speak your mind
Blow away the enemy
With your rhymes,
And your thoughts
Can kamikaze kill the evil parts
Of this freaking holocaust.
This holocaust where I ask:
How come we don’t help
Old ladies across the street?
Or at least give them our bus seat?
We don’t say please and thank you
And when you sneeze,
We don’t say bless you
We don’t give change to the poor
We don’t care about anybody anymore!

So I hope my ideas
Get you active
Cuz our ideals
Would make this world fantastic
Otherwise my ammunition prose
Will be aiming at apparitions
Just filling the status quo
And I won’t be swayed
By the media’s conformity hand grenades
That disintegrates individuality,
And makes us think irrationally.
Cuz the outcome of a situation
Isn’t what always matters
As long as the actions taken
Are in the proper manner.
Cuz they don’t have to be pleasing me,
That’s the whole point
Of deontological reasoning

So before we make peaceful negotiations
I want you to know how we’re goin’ to reunite the nations
It’ll be more about us,
Less about you and me,
Our fundamental principles will be
Excellence, Commitment, Courage, and Integrity.
But if you don’t want to change the system,
I can’t blame you,
But I’m just too damn tired
Of watching it rot in plain view

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