Friendship Never Dies

September 7, 2008
By amy reingold, Scarsdale, NY

You say don’t go, I say I have to
You say no, I say I’ll be back next year
Its just camp, you can mail me
I’ll see you soon

But it wasn’t soon
When I came back from camp, my mother said
We were moving
She said I would be moving back to Scarsdale
She said, I would be changing schools

I called everyone I could
I told them the… news
They said why
I said, I don’t know
Still, there were some people I couldn’t call
They were away or at camp

Finally my new school year starts
So different than before
Waking up at 6
Instead of 7
Getting out at 230
Instead of 3
School the size of 2 football fields
Maybe 3
Taking a school bus
But most of all
The people

When I get stuck with homework
I can’t ask one of my friends to help me
Because I have none
When I get home
I usually go on the computer and talk to my friends
I cant
When I get home
They aren’t out of school yet
My new life is so different

Josie, you can always come visit on the weekends
Julia, I’ll never forget catching and dropping you
Jenny, friends since we were 9 months old
Kasper, I’ll never forget you
Eli, you owe me a penny, your afro is a piggy bank
Daniela, best friends forever and ever
Dutch, there is too much to write about you, but I’m sorry my last day was your birthday
I miss you all
Wagner will be with me forever
You will all be in my heart forever
Just remember

Friendship never dies
Friendship never dies
Friendship never dies

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