September 7, 2008
Stomping and drumming,
To the rhythm of the ground singing,
The fire,
Like the lion deep in the jungle.
A story is told,
Of the fire,
The water,
The earth and the air.

The children cheer,
As the elephant emerges,
And the warrior rides him.

A banjo starts up,
To join the drum,
And the people dance through the night,
The stars above them.
They chant,
And sing,
And Laugh,
With all of their family.

Beads are being beaded,
Clothes being sewn,
With the needle of a porcupine
Slowly passing.

Children play on rocks,
Others climb up trees,
And others sit upon the elephant which they named Juma.

All eat,
Gathered round the pit of fire,
Sitting and talking,
Being lost in legends,
With all of their family.
Their family of Africa.

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ticklemepink1164 said...
Sept. 12, 2008 at 11:08 am
love the poem!!!!!
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