Who Am I?

April 12, 2013
By ryannisha15 BRONZE, Plaqumine, Louisiana
ryannisha15 BRONZE, Plaqumine, Louisiana
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I used to be considered as an American
While I was black & not white
Still dark but just a different hair type
In the shadows of others
Would like to be an American again
Not just any American
An African American

So what do you do so different from Caucasian people
Maybe we get relaxers’
Maybe we don’t wash our hair every other day
Maybe we have more curves
We like to watch reality TV while you guys watch opera

African Americans
Are usually considered as ghetto
Maybe we all are not
It’s just how we show our feelings
You guys cry while me move on and fight

Many people tell me that change is a long way coming
But I do believe them because it still feels likes the old days
They expect you to be nothing
And when you do become something they still talk about you
They can never say you are doing a great job

It’s not just our generation getting ruined
It’s your child and there’s and so long
Maybe change has never really been made
We just had many of people of African Americans and Caucasian people killed for no reason
Maybe still living like slaves just not sold anymore

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