September 6, 2008
Loneliness is an empty heart, an empty chamber in which you wander around; deafened by the echo of your unshared dreams
Your own voice screams in your ear whenever Loneliness is near
For Loneliness rips your soul to the seams; shredding the cloth that binds you to others, leaving you with threads of fear

Out of your window you stare
Like a prisoner in a dark and dreary cell
Loneliness creeps upon you; everything is alert from your toes to your hair
But you feel as hollow as a bell

You try to grasp joy, but Loneliness pulls it out of your reach
Loneliness watches the clock hours passing by
The tick and the tock replace the sound of speech
In your corner, you pitifully sigh

Loneliness is a candle burning by itself in a darkness filled with absence
After a death, your love’s perfume lingers, but she’s gone
Loneliness leaves a sorrowful mark
Loneliness is a melancholy song

Unlike Loneliness, Solitude is not bad
Alone reading an exciting book
Or day dreaming as you walk in the park is anything but sad
But Loneliness is a mysterious feeling, a solitary state, and a silent, captivating brook

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Amy_Actrz said...
Dec. 9, 2008 at 9:43 pm
Great poem, very deep ;)
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