One More

April 9, 2013
They say that everybody has hit the bottom
At least once in your life you’ve felt forgotten
You look for the easy way out
You’re filled with life’s doubts
You say you can’t take it anymore
Of what you’re doing here you’re not sure
But you’re important to me
Why? You may not see
But if you give it one more try
I know you hate to see me cry
But you scare me
Thinking the easy way out isn’t that easy
Trust me I know what you’re feeling
You feel like there’s no healing
What you’re going through ain’t that bad
I promise it’ll pass so don’t be like that
Don’t you dare
You wanna leave me; it feels like you don’t care
Baby, just give it one more try
If you do, I promise I won’t cry
I know you hate to see me like that
But baby it can’t be that bad
Just please give life one more try
Just let things pass with a sigh
I’m just asking for one more chance
One more chance, one more try, one more dance

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