What Defins Me

September 6, 2008
What defines me….
Isn’t a man,
It’s not a woman,
It’s not my skin color,
It’s not my heritage,
It’s not my religion,
It’s not who I date,
or who I marry,
It’s not where I come from,
It’s not my mother, or father, or my sister or,
my brother, or any of my family,
It’s not what clique I’m in,
It’s not the cloths I were, or the
Way I do my hair or wear my make up and
It’s not how smart I am.

It’s how I treat that man or woman, it’s how
I use my skin color and heritage. It’s what I do with
my religion. It’s what while I date that person, and
what actions I make while I’m married. It’s what I
take from where I’m from. It’s how I treat my mom,
dad, sister, brother and family. It’s what things I
do while I’m in that clique, while I wear those
cloths, an how I wear my hair and make up. It’s
how I use that knowledge.

What defines me are many
different things, and sometimes
we forget what really defines us,
because in 20 years, half the things we freak out about today,
we won’t even think about or even

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