All American family.

September 6, 2008
He was an all american dad
but this story is kinda sad.
On the outside he looked fine
in fact he looked divine
but something wasn't right
something that cause him to abuse and fight.
I saw what he did to my her
he's the devil for sure.
I guess I was a mistake
I feel as thought I might break.
His slurred words going in one ear and out the other.
He eventually left then came another.
He bought the diapers and the formula he was a hero in my mom's eyes.
My family could see the disguise.
He bought the food because my mom couldn't.
He said we would never starve we just wouldn't
3 years later he still doin the same thing.
a baby and still no ring.
he would never drink was his greatest lie.
there's nights I sit up and cry.
beat so hard i throw up i don't know what to do.
I don't think you know what i'm going through.
we left him for a reason why'd he move down the street.
he spies tryin hard to be discreet.
he cheated on my mom with her best friend.
but why? I will never comprehend...
no full siblings no one has ever stuck around long enough..
needless to say my life has been rough
Living in Cleveland and getting evicted.
Bill collector's always calling restricted.
my cousin was shot due to a gang
and it only took one bang.
My mother had a drink one night that would change things for quite some time.
no child support not even a dime.
she had a drink and had a baby.
will this ever end someday maybe.
when they see my sister they just know she different but they don't know why
hurts so much my momma wanna die
they call her name's one that starts with n
my second sister she only 10
they say i set the example
but see im just a sample
that's not even half the story
can't tell the rest cause the rest is gory

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