Immune to lies.

April 7, 2013
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I am a victim,
Of lies.
Only a pretty girl,
In disguise.
His words have cut into my skin,
My mask ,
weaved with lies and deceit,
Is worn to hide his sin.

I have battle wounds,
But I don’t carry medals.
All I want,
Is a place to settle.

He smiles in vain.
Mockery and strain.
His knuckles, he cracks,
With morals he lacks,
Enables me to forgive.

He has made me,
Immune to good judgment.
In silence I speak,
For my words,
Don’t come free.

My lips are sewn.
My hands tied.
And in these sorrowful eyes,
`There’s the lack of pride.
Does he see the tears,
I’ve cried?
Or does he simply come
When they’ve

Like a disease,
You’ve ruined me.
My feelings rot
While yours reek.

I am a victim
Of lies.
Only a pretty girl,
In disguise.
Living in obscurity,
I crawl back to him,
For false security.

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