denial of departure(dies irae)

September 6, 2008
By Michael Barsana, Coventry, RI

she is a ringing bell in a cardboard castle dream
of jewel encrusted crowns and people magazine
she is beautiful and lovely she is my gypsy queen
intelligent vivacious sizzling caring
she loves me a great mystery dont deserve her not me
enchanted by her emerald gaze
the light beams struck me
ultra violet rays
emerald eyes and emerald tears
why an epitaph we are healthy we have years
a will what are you talking about why is everyone blue
you girly girly goo perform a mind coup
an ocean deluge know not what to do
1 1 = 1 logic be damned stop talking to me
we scaled the branches to the apex of a willow
it wept no more in the scintillating glow
of our 1 1 = 1 love the whole world will know
everyone is crazy
she isnt gone
she cant be gone
we just talked the day before
we are in love

we will spend eternity together
two lost souls clinging
drifting through the wasteland

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