The Renaissance

September 5, 2008
By Alice Shy, Akron, OH

I was once surrounded by darkness.
Shut out from the objects around me.
I was blind; I saw nothing but the inside of my eyelids.
I was alone; saw and heard nothing but my own thoughts.
I had tunnel vision only saw in one direction.

Time was moving past me and I could not keep up,
So I stayed behind afraid I won’t be accepted in the new world.
As a blind man; a man with no eyes. But one day I saw something;
A light. The first light I saw in years. I then realized that it was not the darkness who
Blinded me, it was me who did this to myself and it was me who shall get me out.

I shall have my Renaissance, and Leonardo da vinci
Shall paint my Mona Lisa,
I will have my Renaissance and I shall reinvent Michelangelo’s Sistine
Chapel. The light will break my darkness and I will be free to explore the
I have missed. I shall have my Renaissance.

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