Who am I?

April 7, 2013
Who am I?
Who is the real me?

Am I the one who is quiet,
Or the one who is proud,
The one who is timid,
Or the one who is loud?

Am I the mouse in the corner,
Painfully shy,
Or the colorful one,
The butterfly?

Am I a guest,
Always reclusive,
Or a hostess,
Ever effusive?

Am I the one minding house,
Who cooks, sews, and cleans,
Or the one with high hopes,
Who wants to “be seen”?

Am I the one who who says,
“No, I wouldn’t dare,”
Or the one who does so,
Without a care?

Am I the one who worries
‘Bout what happens to others
Or the one who won’t care,
One way or t’other?

Am I the one who reads quietly,
Turning a page,
Or the one who sings loudly,
On center stage?

Am I the one hiding
Out in the back,
Or the one in front,
Leading the pack?

Am I the one who watches
The world go by,
Or the one who is out there,
And gives it a try?

Am I the one who lies down,
Gives up, and cries,
Or the one who laughs off
The tears in her eyes?

If you know who I am,
If you do.
Please tell me soon,
For I haven’t a clue.

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