The other part of you

September 3, 2008
By Cheng Ng SILVER, New City, New York
Cheng Ng SILVER, New City, New York
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Having a sibling,
is like having a twin.
A living, breathing conscience
who will tell you when
you’re being too extreme.
It is having someone there,
to support you no matter what.
Someone who can relate to you,
give you helpful advice,
to prevent the mistakes
they made during their lives.

Having a sibling,
is having to share everything,
from toys, to your parents’ attention.
However, often,
there is not enough to share,
which leads to whining, crying,
or a physical or verbal fight.

Sometimes, you just want them to disappear.
Other times, you hug them so hard,
so they can never leave.

Having a sibling,
is like playing outside,
on a beautiful summer day,
or staying at home, on a rainy, wet day.

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