Summer breeze

September 3, 2008
By Cheng Ng SILVER, New City, New York
Cheng Ng SILVER, New City, New York
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When I was a child,
I slid down a slide in a playground,
and felt the light summer breeze,
dancing on my skin.
Feeling refreshed, rejuvenated,
On top of the world.
It was something so simple,
yet nothing could have felt better.

I realize the feeling was only temporary.

Several years later,
I stand on top of that same slide,
now fearing to let go and slide down.
That same summer breeze
hits me again.
Yet, nothing feels the same.
The once light breeze becomes a wave of harsh cold air.
It no longer dances lightly on my skin,
but penetrates deep into my bones,
causing me to feel a chill and pain,
that spreads across my body.

I don’t understand,
How the course of several years
could have changed me so greatly.
Once a carefree, fun loving child,
hidden from the truth and suffering of the world.
Now an adult, a wave of reality hits me,
as I am faced to deal with
the unwanted responsibilities given to me.

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