I wont let it happen

September 3, 2008
My Insides are rotting
from the inside out
There making me gag
on the stench ive become
the life ive lived,
has made me this way
but am i overreacting
or am i gonna be ok
some days i seem to think im glum
some times i think i dont try to see the sun
i feel as if my world is dieing
ever sence i was young
but am i really trying to save myself
to take one glance at the sun
yes i am,
who is to say im not
ive tried so hard
not to rott
but life is stronger than me
no matter how hard i try
i cant believe my fate
in which i cry
all i have to do is this
survive and be well
live my full dreams till the end
no matter the pain which comes
to this
i see my fate
i shall not die
my rotting insides shall quit
and not be bothered my the poking of sticks
and terrifying sharpness of life

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