September 2, 2008
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We had something.
A tiny spark,
A spark that could turn into a wildfire-
Spreading rapidly,
Drowning us in love.
Bu no,
The spark never grew,
The spark only shrunk.
But you were always on my mind,
Every moment I saw your face.
The face that brought sunshine to my dark days.

I saw me in your arms,
The arms I knew I could trust,
With my life, my emotions.
I knew that you would be there to catch me,
When I fell hard, or stumbled.

I saw your eyes,
The eyes that I could stare into and melt
They are wise eyes,
Eyes that pulled me in,
Deeper and deeper.

I saw us,
The two of us in the darkness.
My hands intertwined with your hands.
My eyes locked on your eyes,
Never blinking.
Only you and me in the darkness.
My body pressed against your body,
Our legs wrapped, tangled.
Our bodies so close,
We choked in the heat.
My lips pressed against your lips,
The sweet tingly feeling,
Filling my mouth,
Making my stomach form knots.

We part for a moment,
But no sooner are we pressed again.
My world spinning,
I want to scream,
Scream with the joy that I am yours,
But that joy will never come.
The spark is not there.
Your eyes no longer look at me.
Your arms are no longer open.
Your body is pressed against another.
I cry for you,
I want you
I need you.
Why don't you feel the same way?
We should be together,
You and me,
But it is over.
That something is gone.

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