A Day in the Mind of the Teen

September 2, 2008
By Haley Johnston, Lebanon, PA

Once upon a time I cared what other people said,
What they wore and what they thought of me, but now that care is dead.

Yes, I could be suicidal or do things I know are wrong,
But I won't because I love this life; because I know I'm strong.

Yes, I said i love this life, indeed, you heard me right,
Although it's far from perfect never will I cease to fight.

My friends and all my family worry I will loose my path,
and that the cruelty of my piers will leave a dreadful aftermath.

But they underestimate my heart therefore they judge all that is me,
Still I trust myself to lead me to a better destiny.

I do not understand why teens are looked at with such doubt,
Why you think we live for nothing? I will never figure.

No I'm not a football player, I don't wear a mini skirt,
I won't shove you in a locker, and I'm not a total flirt.

I am loved by friends and family who shield me from the blunt,
of the terror brought by growing up, that's all a teen could want.

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