Life or Death, Your Choice

April 10, 2013
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I am a bird.

I am a tree.
I am uncatchable.

I could get caught and

cut down at any given

I feel unstoppable as
my wings flap through the
bright blue, cloud-filled

I am rooted into the

earth as the wind hits

my leaves and branches

bringing a nice calm

You shoot me just
because you think
you can, and i'm not
so uncatchable now;
but did you know that
I have a family?

You cut me down and use

me for firewood, but did

you know that you're just

giving the earth less

my babies have
no one now.

Now you have no shade and

your planet is dying.
I am the last bird
on this planet.

I am the last tree on this

kill me, and there
won't be any birds

Kill me, and you'll die

along with your planet.

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