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Final Goodbye

September 2, 2008
By Danika SILVER, Manheim, Pennsylvania
Danika SILVER, Manheim, Pennsylvania
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I have messed up one more time,
And I notice that you care.
You tell me you don't like me,
And I feel my sore heart tare.

You say that I was angry,
That I was being rash,
But it was that girl that fed me lies,
That made my thick walls crash.

Then I told you I was sorry,
But I knew it was too late.
You said we'd still be friends,
But I know itâ's me you hate.

So I'm taking one last moment,
To tell you how I feel,
That I know we have to end this,
This friendship isn't real.

So here's my final goodbye,
Please do not forget me,
You'll see me in the future,
Friends then? We'll have to see.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for a guy and eventually , my best friend read it to him and he tried to apologize, but it ended up to be too late on his behalf. I wrote this piece specifically to motivate myself to move on and forget about him. I hope it motivates and inspires anyone who reads it to do the same. Always know that when something very painful happens, it's best to just let it go. And never forget that you are not alone. Not only are there other people feeling the same way, but that Gad will always help you through the rough times, even though it may seem as if he's abandoned you. Remember to keep up faith, and never give up hope.

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