Live as if You'll Die Tomorrow

September 2, 2008
By Sophia Park, Port Moody, ZZ

As my thoughts drift away
My mind becomes delayed

The world slows down
And I start to wonder

What have I done to make my life worth value?
What have I accomplished to make this world better?
What have I given back to the ones that gave to me?

A life is a soul
A treasure
A gift
Leaving the world without leaving footsteps
Or memories
Is the same as if you've never entered the world

Life's short
As the elders say
Life's a privilege
As the adults say

Time flies as you ride the winds
Time slows down as you give up
But a precious life
Is a life to be thanked

While it's still yours
Make it priceless
Make it special
Because life's short
And you never know when it will end.

"Live as if you'll die tomorrow"

The author's comments:
I sat on my chair and just looked outside
I saw people, I saw nature
I looked around and actually for once opened my eyes, and what I felt inspired me to write this poem. It's poorly done, but I hope it will help those who cannot seem to see how a life is a privilege. Thank you

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James888 said...
on Sep. 12 2008 at 4:33 am
Definitely *not* poorly done! This poem is heartfelt, and has a deep meaning. Well done!

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