I want you to stay</3

April 9, 2013
wow, i just don't know what to do. i don't know what to say. i wish i didn't have to be here to see this day. i just want to leave and never come back home. i feel so alone, i am so mad but i am so sad. i just want them to come back, you see the news now a days. people dying here, committing suicide there. why can't we just stop and look at what life is all about. before you pull the trigger, or step off the stool; think about me. the girl who has always been here for you and always will be. the girl who even you have tried to save before. i am still here, i am trying to see what life is all about. i have my scars; mentally and physically. i will always have those reminders to tell me about my past. the thing is, you can't live in the past. at one point in time you have to move on, even though things may be tough or not going as good as they should, they will always get better. if you want a good day you have to have a bad day. your life isn't perfect, i mean nobody's is. if everyone lives were perfect and the same, nobody would want to live. you have to live and make a difference. to many people are committing suicide. i am a recovering suicidal teenager, but i am here to help. i need you to stay here with me, we need and want to make a difference in this world; don't we? well, honey i can't do it alone. i need you, together we will save lives, make people aware of our stories. we will make a difference and help out suicide and self harm. before you do anything to hurt yourself, just remember you are worth living and you are beautiful. <3

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