A Son's Reflection

September 2, 2008
We walk onto man-made land,
All made by corporate's hand.
Fake trees, fake grass, fake air, real friend,
Fake sounds, fake smell, real time I want to spend.
This isn't our home, but something feels right,
I walk in his shadow, ready for that mischievous bite.
The building looks at us, taken aback,
It hasn't seen people dressed like that.
Without perfect tie, perfect suit, perfect case,
Perfect hair, perfect shoes that are perfectly laced.
That walk in every day, same smile, same mold,
Same speeches, conferences, and meetings to hold.

No emotion, no heart
Just feelings ripped apart

Their eyes glazed, and face emotionless,
Nothing can break them, nothing can stress.
We are strangers posing a threat,
No perfection, just grass stains, sandals, and sweat.
We walk to the place that feels like home,
Its all glass, too blue, and no foam.
We cast in the air and the lures fly fast,
How fitting that the strangers break the glass.
Start to reel, now a bite all to fast,
This is just luck, not possible to last.
A quick cast once more,
It's a twin I'm sure.
The pattern repeats and does not conclude,
Slowly I see a most eerie view.
The fish are the same, but it's more than that,
Perfect fin, perfect stripe, perfect shape, no fat.
The fish all have the same routine,
Just like the business men, perfect and clean.
I wonder what the fish do all day in there,
Swim perfect strokes, breath perfect air.
Release perfect bubbles, eat perfect food.
Just like businessmen whose days soon conclude.
I'm troubled by the lack of real,
Everything glassy with a plastic feel.
But everything's okay, as I look at him,
I smile at him, he gives me a grin.
The gaps in our teeth say it all,
Nature isn't everything, its everything small.
How I love him and he loves me,
And how we can simply bask in each other's company.

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