The rainy tradition

September 2, 2008
In Florida their is a tradition
Well actually it's more of a mission
That every weekend we must take flight
For a trip to the beach from morning till night
But for me that tradition gets old
And sometimes I prefer the rain and the cold
Watching the storms while sitting outside
And watching the clouds go rolling by
So every summer my wish comes true
And I always give Mother Nature a big thank you
So during the summer a conflict occurs
Because we have our tradition
And Mother Nature has hers
Every summer we always get blessed
With thunderstorms that many protest
But when I see the clouds and I feel the rain
It's a reminder to me that the worlds still untamed
And that imaginative spirit I had when I was little
Returns to me but it is far more brittle
Because instead of seeing the angels tears
A scientific formula begins to appear
Because now that im older I seem to know
That the rain is simply H2o
That was evaporated from the earth
And brought into the sky
Then dropped back down but not from an angels eye
Eventually the rain will recede
And our age old tradition will once again proceed
But as I look into the sky and up at the sun
Ill always remember what the rain has done
It brought out the spirit of a kid once young
Who always preferred the rain to the sun

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