September 2, 2008
If I knew I was going to die
I would not be ready
I would embrace it eventually
But I would have to think about some things

I will start with Hope
For it is the greatest thing of all
It is much more important
My greatest devotion and greatest loss
To her I say goodbye and hope to meet again
It will never be forgotten
I will affectionate her even in hell or heaven

Next I will say goodbye to Music
My best friend now and always my counselor
I do not wish to meet her soon
But for the record, I will miss her

Next in my thoughts is my writing and sports
They are both important to my existence
Also they are to me and my heart
And I will also miss them

I also say goodbye and good luck to mankind
A bad friend and even worse existence
But the biggest part of this is love
For it is the biggest reason I am still living
And the biggest thought when I'm dying

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